World Environment Day

World Environment Day

June 5, 2021

Celebrate World Environment Day by making your online shopping more sustainable

Our environment is our home. We simply exist on this earth while it works hard to take care of our personal needs. Over the course of history, human beings have slowly hurt the environment by our selfish choices. This Environment Day, we want to consider some ways we can learn to lessen our overall negative consumption that has consequences on the environment.

As a proud partner of the World Land Trust, World Environment day is a huge deal to us. We must take responsibility for how we have neglected our environment and work on learning new ways to take care of it for the future generations. This can start with simply changing the way we view the clothes we wear.

What is World Environment Day? An overview

World Environment Day was created by the United Nations to acknowledge and raise awareness for the current state of the Earth and how we must protect the environment. This world wide event has been happening since 1974. The day is used to make individuals consider how to limit their overall consumption that negatively affects the environment.

The Best You Can Do

One of the most overwhelming things that negatively affects something you participate on a daily basis: getting dressed. Okay, that might be dramatic. But the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. An average consumer wastes about 70 pounds of clothing per year. The apparel industry alone accounts for 10% of carbon emissions. The overall fashion industry produces 20% of global waste water. Consumers are buying more than ever yet keeping their clothing half as long from before.

A way that we, as consumers, can eliminate this trend of hurting the environment is to shop more sustainably. Ways that we can shop more sustainably is to eliminate our need to follow fads in fashion. More than ever, due to social media and technology, influencers have the power to create tiny trends that die out quickly. We must as consumers avoid that and dive into our own personal style when buying.

Personal style

Personal style starts with letting yourself analyze the history of fashion and deciding which parts you like and the parts you don’t like. This allows you to discover your opinions on clothing without the influence of what is trendy or socially in. Personal style is something that comes from within. It is a reflection of you that never grows to become untasteful. It’s an investment that is pro-environment because you find yourself shopping for clothing you rarely will grow out of.

Our picks on Sustainable Fashion

Something you will never regret buying are the essentials. Especially when it comes to men’s sustainable fashion. Fathers Day is approaching quickly. Men need a comfortable pick that they can trust to be helping the environment.

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As always, make sure you are considering the way you shop is affecting the environment on this world environment day.



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