Celebrate Memorial Day 2021 safely in style

Celebrate Memorial Day 2021 safely in style

May 30, 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day is a time to honor our veterans and respect their legacy while celebrating the start of a fresh summer.

When Memorial Day comes around every year so does the tradition of insane sales. While most of America is respectfully supporting the troops who died while serving the U.S , corporate America takes another less somber route to celebrate the holiday serving memorial day deals for 2021.

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day came into effect in 1971, but the holiday’s history traces back to the Civil War. During the civil war about 750,000 soldiers died. In the early days of the holiday, the American people would honor these soldiers by decorating graves with florals, flags and prayers. Some people even wore a Red Poppy to honor a World War 1 poem.

Overtime, more deaths happened within the country’s military. These deaths came from the Afghanistan and Iraq war, the Korean War, the Vietnam war and World War 2. These heartbreaking moments inspired the federal holiday we know as Memorial Day.

The start of summer

While traditional America is honoring the veterans of our country, most Americans are also celebrating the beginning of the summer season. Due to schools around America getting out for holiday break, the weather getting hotter, and the 3 day weekend, most people are celebrating the joy that comes with the sun.

Memorial Day Sale - our picks

As the weather warms up, we find ourselves drawn to taking better care of ourselves. We celebrate a time that makes us wanna feel as hot as the sun above us. This starts with taking care of our skin at home. Mio Skincare’s “Sun-Drenched Easy Glow Body Wash” and “Muscle Motivator Cooling Gel” have been my personal favorites. Not only does it get your body looking great, but it also gets your body feeling great. This Memorial Day, with Mio Skincare Memorial Day sales deals you can get a buy one, get one 50% off PLUS an extra 15% off. It’s a must have for the summer season.

Mio Skincare Coupons

Once you get your skin feeling great, it’s time to take advantage of those Memorial Day sale deals in the clothing department. Finding the perfect outfit that is both sustainable and affordable can feel like quite a challenge at times. Using our Ulla Popken coupon is the perfect way to find an achievable middle ground of sustainability and affordability. Currently, we have an offer on extra 10% off all sale items for Ulla Popken . Some must-need summer items are shorts, sweaters, swimsuits, and slip dresses. Nothing says summer more than dressing up in a comfortable manner.

Ulla Popken model

Honor the troops in fashion

No matter what you end up doing this holiday season, we hope that you celebrate safely in style. Take care of those around you and honor those that matter. Take care of your skin, get dressed up in your best summer fashion, and wear a red poppy with your pearl necklaces. For those who have served our country, thank you for your service.

Have a safe Memorial Day!




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