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Who are eCoupon Shares?

eСouponShares.com, the Eco–Friendly Coupon and Promo Codes Website, where consumers can benefit from using and sharing promo codes, and with every purchase the planet benefits too.

eCoupon Shares is part of the Codes To Share Group, it is the UK-based online shopping network founded in 2019 with the idea of providing something that could be truly rewarding for everyone– you, the planet, and us!

Friends and co-founders, Tanya Larsen and Miranda Coombes are both working mothers, keen nature lovers, and care deeply about our planet, it's future, and helping preserve it for the next generation.

From this came eCoupon Shares, which is revolutionizing promo code sharing by giving YOU, our valued members, the ability to save on 1000’s of great products as well as share coupons, promo codes, offers, discounts, and deals, whilst being rewarded for doing so, and helping to save the planet at the same time!

Our business vision fits into just three words:

Save, Share, Support.

  • Save money, and help to save the Planet, at the same time
  • Share great deals with your friends, and help them save money too
  • Support sustainable shopping when your friends buy from your recommendations and help us earn towards the World Land Trust conservation charity

One for YOU, one for the PLANET! 

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Why eCoupon Shares coupons and promo codes website is different?

World Land Trust Logo

We share 5% of our revenues with World Land Trust Action Fund

As part of the Codes To Share Group, and together with the UK's Number 1 Green Voucher Codes Website, Voucher Shares, eCoupon Shares is an official, corporate sponsor of World Land Trust (WLT), an International conservation charity founded 1989.

eCouponShares.com was built on the concept of ‘sharing’. We share 5% of revenue to WLT’s Action Fund which we believe is the easiest and most effective way to support WLT’s work as it allows them to respond quickly when urgent conservation intervention is needed. This means that every time you shop via eCoupon Shares you not only get a great deal but you’re also, helping to make a sustainable difference to the world. 

David Attenborough has been a Patron of the World Land since 2003:

 “The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

Sir David Attenborough
OM CH FRS. Patron, World Land Trust


You can find out more about the World Land Trust and how the Action Fund helps to address the most urgent conservation projects round the world.


eCoupon Shares Team


Tanya Larsen


Tanya Larsen, CEO 

Tanya started her Internet business carrer in early 2000's. Tanya co-founded, and managed a number of successful projects that evolved from self-funding start-ups into multimillion pound businesses. 

As a CEO of a large Swiss Tech company Tanya learned how similar business models can apply to any area, and any country and how important it is to create a business that does not depend on one particular country or region – for overall stability and the long term security of the business itself, as well as its employees.

Tanya has travelled extensively and experienced the devastatingly damaging effects of deforestation, and the man-made environmental disasters to local communities. That is why after successfully selling one of her technology businesses in 2015, Tanya decided to focus on something that can bring immediate benefits to those who are around right now, and those who will follow them in future. It was decided that new business model had to be based not only on the individual benefits for website users, but also on sharing the benefits with planet.  This is how the Frst Green UK Voucher Codes Website VoucherShares.co.uk was born in 2019, followed swiftly by the North American Eco-Friendly coupons and promo codes website eCouponShares.com launched in 2021.




Miranda CoombesMiranda Coombes​, COO 

Miranda started her career in sales before quickly moving into digital marketing in 2000. Miranda worked across some major UK brands including Aardman Animations, Future Publishing, Travel.co.uk and Clarks Shoes Ltd.

Miranda has always been passionate about the environment since an early age and has driven her friends and family mad by insisting on recycling everything from plastic lids to potato chip bags! Today she takes a keen interest in teaching her young children how to recycle, grow their own food, look after animals, use electricity economically to “help protect polar bears homes” and understand the vital role that our insects have in the environment.

Miranda was a keen horse rider and regularly competed until she had her first child. Now she is a keen runner and has already completed 2 coastal half marathons, the Royal Parks London Half along with lots of planned runs in the near future

eCoupon Shares Team

The eCoupon Shares team is part of the UK based Codes To Shares group with head offices in London. Our amazing, curious, never-sleeping, always-searching team makes sure that eCoupon Shares is always offering the best and the latest promo codes, coupons and deals.

They are always on duty, keeping eCoupon Shares running smoothly. Innovating by generating clever new ideas to make your user experience better – you never know what's around the corner, they may even working on the ‘next big thing’ right now.


The team


A big part of our working ethic is the 'working from home' philosophy which started from day one, before the global pandemic. We have always believed that a happy and motivated team benefits from a flexible working environment, not to mention that removing the daily commute helps to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable sign

The use of the Internet and a remote office setting has allowed us to have an international, multicultural team. We are therefore able to provide valuable jobs to those in remote communities where it may otherwise be difficult to find work, or give much needed flexibility on work hours for working parents. We believe that a truly Sustainable, Green and Eco-Friendly business has to be true in its values right to the core of its business infrastructure set up.


eCoupon Shares Customers 

YOU are a big part of our team!

When you use the eCoupon Shares promo codes to save money on your everyday shopping.

When you use eCoupon Shares promo codes to buy awesome new things for less.

When you share eCoupon Shares coupons and promo codes with friends to help them save money too!

And, when you earn money from the eCoupon Shares deals you share with friends,

YOU are helping us to grow and support our Green Projects.

Welcome to The eCoupon Shares Team!