How to use Coupons, Promo Codes and Discount Codes from eCoupon Shares

How does eС work? 

eС, the Eco-friendly Coupon and Promo Code website, where consumers save both money and the planet.

Why is eCoupon Shares different?

eCoupon Shares are the coupon and promo codes website with a huge difference.

Shhh. Here’s the secret - every time you use a code from a discount code sharing site, the site gets paid a commission by the store where you make a purchase.

Every time our customers buy something through our website, 5% of  our revenue goes towards the Action Fund of the World Land Trust!

When you share a code, we donate to WLT whenever it gets used by a friend. The more it gets used, the more we can donate to the World Land Trust concervation projects!


And we have 1000’s of codes on anything – fashion, beauty, books, garden plants, yoga mats - you name it!


Save Money, Share Coupons with friends to Support sustainable shopping and Save the Planet!

Where to start. 

Join eCoupon Shares community and create your free personal account now! We will keep you updated on all the latest deals and offers from your favorite brands. You can save the best offers on your account.

How Long do Promo Codes Last?

Coupons and Promo Codes can run from any length of time, from one hour to a whole year.

How Can I Get Discounts on Everything?

Found the best promo code on our site? Just follow these steps to get that discount!

  1. Select the retailer you want to use a code on 
  2. Choose a coupon, promo code, discount code or deal from the retailer's page.
  3. Copy the discount code
  4. Add new items you want to your shopping bag.
  5. Go to checkout and paste the code in the box that says ‘promo’/‘discount’/‘coupon’ code’
  6. Apply your discount and see the result immediately!


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