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eCoupon Shares is not just another coupon and promo code website. eCoupon Shares is about saving money for you and your friends, and supporting Sustainable online shopping at the same time. Affordable sustainable clothing bands, technology, home products and more.

We pay 5% of our revenue towards the World Land Trust Action Fund. Every time you shop with eCoupon Shares you save money and help to support Green Projects as well as promoting sustainable shopping.

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Save on your online shopping when using eCoupon Shares' coupons, promo codes, discount codes and deals, and help to save our amazing planet at the same time.

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Frequently asked questions

Want to find out how to Shop more Sustainably and Save with eCoupon Shares best deals, coupons and promo codes?

What are coupons (or eCoupon, e-coupon)?

Coupons (also known as eCoupon, e-coupon, discount codes, discount vouchers, promo codes, offer codes etc) have become a popular way to save money when shopping by allowing you to take advantage of product deals and discounts. An eCoupon is a word or a series of characters when entered in the Shopping Cart, will discount an item or items in the Shopping Cart on a retailer’s site and can typically be found advertised on a coupons & promo code website like eCoupon Shares.

What is the best coupon & promo codes website?

The best coupon & promo codes website will offer you valid and up-to-date promo codes, coupons, discount codes and deals for as many stores as possible. We also believe that the best coupon website should offer you not only the best deals, but also the best and most accessible way of shopping sustainably online.

How do you save money when shopping online?

You can follow these easy steps to save money when shopping online:

  • Find your desired store on the coupon & promo codes website of your choice
  • Check out all the coupons, promo codes and deals for your store to make sure you pick the most savings for the product you are intended to purchase
  • Copy the selected code in your browser or click on a deal button to go straight to the online store if no code is required.
  • On your selected store Shopping Basket page or Check Out page enter your code into a box normally marked up as ‘coupon’, ‘promo code’, ‘discount code’, ‘offer code’, 'voucher' etc.
  • Check your discount on the retailers Check Out page to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Please note, you can usually add coupons and promo codes on top of standard store deals and get even bigger discount!

What are the two types of discount?

There are two main types of discount:

  • Discount code (same as promo code, offer code or coupon) – is effectively a code that you need to copy into your browser and then add to the relevant promo code or discount code box at the retailer’s Shopping Basket page or Check Out page
  • Deal – is a promotional offer that may apply across the whole retailer’s website or for specific products. Deals usually do not require a code and are applied automatically when you click on the deal link to get to the online store website

Are coupon and promo codes sites safe?

Coupon websites (or promo codes websites) are as safe as anything you use on the internet that involves a potential purchase and exchange of personal data. You must always shop on the coupon websites that have the ‘https’ in the browser domain name, for example And make sure you do not part with any personal information such as emails or credit / debit cards unless you trust the site and have made every effort to ensure that they are legitimate.