The Best Cycling Deals for Keen Cyclists

The Best Cycling Deals for Keen Cyclists

June 15, 2021

Get Ready for Your Cycling Adventure

I don't know about you but as a keen cyclist, I have always wanted to one day, cycle the TransAmerica Route over a few weeks, starting in Astoria, Oregon and ending up in history rich Yorktown situated on the Chesapeake Bay.

According to the Adventure Cycling Association, the ACA, over a thousand people a year cross the US each summer. It is way up there on my bucket list!

Biking in the US is a very popular leisure activity and for some a crucial but healthy means of transportation to and from work. Figures from Statista in March of this year stated that around 12.4 percent of Americans cycled on a regular basis. This number had increased over the past 3 years from around 43 million to 47.5 million, but the number of cyclists between 6 and 17 had decreased.

The Best Cycling Deals

2020 was the biggest year for bicycling since 1973 in the USA. Sales of low-cost bikes, e-bikes, and children’s bikes across all the cycling brands reached all-time highs with figures according to retailers more than double that reported in May 2019. This then showed a massive 20% increase in participation in pretty much every cycling category! Pavement, on dirt and mountain bikes, at parks and now we are allowed out again, to work and school.

We have seen during the Covid -19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns huge changes in lifestyles across the country. Millions of Americans have been inspired to reassess what is important and ask themselves how they want to live, this new modern living promotes a slower paced and more focused healthier way of living and bike riding is a growing part of this.

This year because of these lifestyle changes and bike sales from the big brands such as 'Ribble Cycles', nearly 1 in 3 Americans will ride a bike, this activity is rapidly becoming more and more mainstream, more popular, and therefore a lot more important as a timely solution to our current society challenges.

So, where are the best cycle spots, the most gnarly trails and the fastest roads in America? Marin is the most well know secret in the cycling world for mountain biking and cross country. The Bolinas Ridge trail for example sort of gave birth to the original mountain bike and the off-road rider was born. If you are fan of both road bikes and mountain cycles, then try Asheville in North Carolina. Long hilly road loops through the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains as well as fantastic and challenging trails in nearby Pisgah National Forest.

The Most Important Cycling Accessories

And finally, and what we consider the most important part of biking – safety. Protect your head from injury! Head injuries are the cause of over 60% of all cycling deaths in the US. Use your gears and get bike fit. Make sure your bike is set up properly including the saddle, you will thank me for that tip!

And most of all – enjoy, happy cycling!




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