Happy Holiday Shopping! Best Christmas deals and after Christmas sales with eCoupon Shares

Happy Holiday Shopping! Best Christmas deals and after Christmas sales with eCoupon Shares

December 12, 2020

Best Christmas deals and after Christmas sales to shop online

Here we are months into a global pandemic, facing the holidays with the anticipation of gatherings in the past. This year, though, is shaping up to be much different for our traditions, our shopping and our celebrations.

I held onto hope that I could continue with my Christmas tradition of a Christmas Eve open house where friends and family can drop in throughout the day to share in some holiday cheer. It is now clear that this tradition, along with the many sacrifices made throughout the summer and this Thanksgiving, will need to be modified.

I am fortunate that my family got Covid-19 and recovered with no adverse effects. This immunity has allowed us to feel more comfortable going out shopping or bubbling with other families for much needed connection. Whether you are staying isolated, avoiding lines and crowds or looking for the best deals, there are many options this Christmas.

Online Shopping

Christmas shopping can be overwhelming at the best of times but this year, during the pandemic, creates a new level of planning and buying. The restrictions and lockdowns have certainly affected many people’s income this year. Finding the desired items at reasonable prices with the added logistics of safely obtaining them in a timely manner has all of us doing a lot more online shopping. With holiday deals at sites like Amazon.com and ebay.com not only can you choose from a wide variety of items to suit all of your Christmas present needs but you are also able to have them ship directly to your recipient. Talk about helping the environment with eco-friendly direct shipping to your recipient!

Christmas Sales and Discounts

One thing I have always been terrible about it is using coupons while in-person shopping. I either forget them at home or forget them at check-out! With online shopping, I can choose the items I want to buy then search for coupons that can apply to those items, all without leaving my chair! This helps me save money immediately and not have to wait for the after Christmas sales.

In-person Buying

Most of the stores are open with reduced capacity restrictions and modified hours. This means that you may have to wait in line outside the store, with others. Everyone is trying to be mindful of social distancing but it seems everyone has a different idea how far 6 feet really is! If you go to the store be sure to wear a mask, use the provided hand sanitizer as frequently as possible and touch only what you need to touch! I know, this is hard for me too! I like to touch everything as I’m shopping! While waiting to enter the store, don’t forget to find the online christmas coupons that you can use at check out!

Gift Cards

This year, with the effects of Covid 19, the people you are buying for may appreciate the flexibility to get what they want, including necessities. Buying gift cards for your friends, family or colleagues can help the recipients, the environment and you! Online gift cards even allow you to immediately send it to the recipient through email further reducing lag time, environmental impacts of another disposable plastic card and loss! Also, gift cards allow you to go get the items you want during the after Christmas sales, when fewer people are in the stores allowing for greater social distancing!

Happy Shopping! Wishing us all success on finding those Christmas deals!



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