Top Travel Destinations in the USA

Top Travel Destinations in the USA

June 17, 2021

Top Travel Destinations in the USA to enjoy with your friends and family

Sometimes we do not see the wood for the trees! We may live and work in this amazing country, but do we actually know all of the remarkable places in the United States? From bustling cities to small towns, coastlines that will take your breath away, this country has it all.

So, when tourists and visitors come to the US where do they go, what are the best attractions and most visited places? We have listed below some of the most visited historic sites, activities and attractions in the USA that are worth a visit.

Fly To New York, New York

With an amazing 50 million visitors a year - New Your City is by far the most known and number one destination in the USA. This mega city on the Atlantic is known for its diverse culture, amazing architecture, wonderful art, and history laid bare for all to see. Catch a show on Broadway, visit Times Square to see towering billboards. Make sure you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, view the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and take a moment to relax in Central Park.

Visiting the Big Apple could not be easier! Flights from all over the country and the world daily to John F. Kennedy International Airport from the big airlines including Virgin Atlantic and many other others.

Try your luck, try your luck at Sin City! Better known as Las Vegas in Nevada. This city in the desert entices travellers from all the world for the world class entertainment and shows at luxury hotels and casinos. But did you know it is also a food tourists dream as a culinary destination as world class chefs work here to show off their work to hungry tourists and visitors alike.

If you get tired of the bright lights, amazing food and off course the world class casinos, then there are some great attractions outside the city for you to visit. Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Spring Mountains are beautiful spots to hike and sightsee.

Fly To San Francisco!

Known for its cool climate, fog, steep rolling hills and of course outstanding landmarks, San Francisco is the 16th most populous city in the US and a global center of the arts and sciences where visitors can check out the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Jazz Center and the California Academy of Sciences! Make sure you take time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and the former Federal Penitentiary - Alcatraz.

In this blog it would be very difficult to list all that this country has to offer. We have not talked about Seattle and its coffee, the Napa Valley and our fantastic world-renowned wines. The trendy cafes and delicious dining in Portland and of course when you just need to lie in the sun and relax – Hawaii! It is difficult to describe the diversity and natural beauty this country offers so we leave it to you to decide and visit.



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