Happy Thanksgiving from eCoupon Shares

Happy Thanksgiving from eCoupon Shares

November 25, 2021

Here at eCoupon Shares we are forever thankful to all of you who support our business and help to make online shopping more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our business was initially launched in the UK just before the first lockdown, with Sustainability at our heart. Working from home, growing business with all our passion and supporting the World Land Trust, we made it through to our second year, and now we are very proud of what we have achieved:

Making Eco-friendly Coupons and Promo Codes available for North America

Whilst working on our UK-focused voucher codes website we were pleasantly surprised with a lot of interest from North America. So after a few months of beta-testing, in August this year we launched the eCouponShares.com coupon and promo codes website for North American online shoppers who care about our planet and want to make their online shopping not only more affordable, but also more sustainable.

What we can do right now to help save the planet

This year was more decisive than ever to anyone who cares about the future of our planet, and the COP 26 Summit made the first steps towards positive progress possible. As a business, we donate 5% of our overall revenue towards World Land Trust global conservation projects, and we are very proud to have a special mention in WLT newsletterr:

‘The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) begins this Sunday, October 31st. Billed as 'our last best chance to get runaway climate change under control', this year’s conference comes at a truly pivotal time for the planet. In 2020, the Earth’s average temperature rose to 1.2 °C above pre-industrial levels for the first time; if we exceed 1.5°C by 2030, scientists warn that a climate catastrophe awaits.

To steer the world away from this fate, protecting and restoring the natural world is absolutely essential – and COP26 organisers agree. As a supporter of our Action Fund, you will know the importance of saving land and the benefits this brings to climate, communities, and biodiversity. Now, with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration underway, we at WLT wanted to thank Voucher Shares (and eCoupon Shares) for your support and demonstrate how saving land has the best mitigation potential for tackling the climate crisis.

In the absence of reliable carbon capture and removal technologies, it is the world’s forests, mangroves, wetlands and other carbon-rich habitats that hold the key to a healthier future. By safeguarding these habitats with your support, we are preserving their capacity to absorb carbon while also preventing the release of sequestered greenhouse gases (GHGs). With deforestation accounting for 10- 20% of all annual GHG emissions – contributing more than every car, boat and plane combined – the need to bring more land under protection has never been greater.

With one football pitch of rainforest lost worldwide every six seconds, it is vital for us all that we prevent the destruction of the world’s wild places – the places we desperately need to protect biodiversity and defeat climate change. By championing the Action Fund now, as the climate crisis is afforded a global spotlight like never before, your support to protect these crucial landscapes comes at a time when the planet needs it most.

We’re also sharing our Annual Review of 2020 (click here to read it in full), which highlights the impact supporters like you made through our different programmes last year: the 113,003 acres we protected, the 264,781 native trees we funded, the 43,773 tCO2e of emissions we offset and the 44 Keepers of the Wild we helped our partners to employ. At a time of unprecedented pressure on every organisation to join the fight for the planet, businesses like Voucher Shares have already shown the way for years. As a WLT ally and a part of the UN’s #GenerationRestoration, you have already helped to effect lasting change and we could not be more grateful. With WLT now endeavouring to drive conservation action at scale through growth plans and a new strategy, we look at supporters like you and we know we will succeed. We have achieved so much together.

Let’s celebrate this COP as the world looks on!'

It’s hard to think of a time when our future hinged on a single global summit as much as this year – and as World Land Trust (WLT) supporters, together with you, our power to make a difference can’t be overstated.

Just remember - you support the World Land Trust EVERY single time you shop through our eCoupon Shares website and every dollar counts!

On behalf of eCoupon Shares and the World Land Trust, we would like to say thank you to every single one of you who continues to use our coupons and promo codes which in turn help to support the World Land Trust Action Fund!


Happy Thanksgiving!

eCoupon Shares Team


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