Love Is…

Love Is…

February 8, 2022

Valentine's Gifts and Treats for those we love

Share the Love with this awesome selection of Valentine's Treats for your loved ones, or maybe a little something for you too?

With a few days left to go before you open your Valentine’s cards, here is our top selection of Valentine's Gifts and Treats that you can still get shipped on time. With easy online orders and fast shipping you can show your love to someone special, even if it's just yourself. Afterall you’re always the Number One!


Valentine's Day for me is wasted if I don't have a very special box to open. While I generally try to keep healthy and sensible with what I eat, when it comes to chocolate, you only live once!

My personal favorite this year is the French chocolates collection from zChocolate. If you order now, you still can get it shipped on time. Beautiful Valentine’s Chocolate collection makes my mouth watering just from looking at it.

zChocolate Valentine's collection

And there is a Vegan option too. Enjoy!

Something Green.

In the post pandemic world we all have become way more conscious about how we live and how we can make our lifestyle a bit greener. I’ve had a gardening obsession for a long time, since way before the COVID era, but now I'm learning how to bring the green indoors. The trick is - keep it simple. Running a business and looking after my family and kids does not leave me much time to indulge myself with the complicated horticultural experiments. 

Click & Grow Valentine

Coming across Click & Grow was a savior to me. Click & Grow offers zero-effort smart indoor gardens that bridge the gap between modern life and nature. Click & Grow Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants all year round even in the busiest households. 

And you can get 25% OFF between now and 13th of February with the Click & Grow Valentine Day Sale coupon. That’s my Valentine’s gift sorted!

Something to feel fabulous.

I am not big on my skincare routine, purely because I love to sleep in when I can. Jumping out of bed at the last moment after my third alarm, showering and getting dressed does not leave me much time to follow any complicated skincare routine, so I really just stick to a few selected products that work. 

Mio Skincare Coupon

I prefer natural products as much as I can. At the end of a day - our skin is given to us by nature so it only makes sense to leave skin care to mother nature too. This is where Mio Skincare comes in. Natural high performance skincare products give me a high chance to stay 35 for a while yet!

And Mio Skincare has a Valentine’s Sale with a 25% OFF coupon available until the 15th of February.

Something to look fabulous too!

I’m a bit of a nightmare to buy for as I’m very fussy about what to wear. My perfect wardrobe selection has to look good, feel good and be friendly for the planet too. When it comes to planet friendly judgment, it's everyone’s personal choice, but my position on it is clear- whatever I wear, it has to be biodegradable.

As a business we support conservation projects, but personally I also have some land conservation projects on the go. The amount of plastic that comes out of unfarmed land for 20 years, is just insane. We keep finding plastic in a little steam that runs down from the nearby hills and just in the earth, when trying to dig a hole to plant the tree. All this plastic makes me feel truly sick.

So - no plastic for Valentine’s treaties for me please! Cashmere and natural wool products are brilliant, they keep you warm, regulate your body temperature, stop you from sweating and are biodegradable. And what's even better - they need washing less often, and don’t leave those horrid micro plastic fluff that usually comes off the synthetic fabrics and ends up in the oceans and then in our bodies when we drink water.

Check out our Cashmere Boutique coupon to get 50% OFF a good selection of Cashmere fashion.

Eco Cotton is another awesome material that is not as itchy as wool and keeps you cool in hot weather. Does not leave microplastic in the oceans too - big yes for me. 

Ulla Popken offers a great collection of eco-friendly fashion and eco cotton underwear. Love your body and Love our Planet too!

Valentine's Gifts for Her

My top pick this year is Trollbeads Valentine's Day Collection. Our life is one long story to tell and Trollbeads have a bead for every passage in our life story. Sustainable Scandinavian jewelry is just a perfect Valentine’s Gift for someone you love.

Trollbeads Valentine Collection

Valentine's Gifts for Him

Depending on what plans you have for this Valentine’s Day, my choice may not be exactly for everyone, but I strongly believe that the best gift that my husband has ever received is, of course, Me! And a romantic dinner for two is just perfect to complement this statement. We have decided to play it safe this year and stay home, but we love good food and seafood in particular.

Get Maine Lobster Valentine Coupon

With 12% OFF Get Maine Lobster Dinners for Valentine’s Day we cannot go wrong. If you would like to follow our choice, hurry up and order before the 10th of February to get it shipped in time for the Valentine’s evening romance.

Happy Valentine from eCoupon Shares!


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