Keeping a Positive Attitude While Working from Home in Lockdown

Keeping a Positive Attitude While Working from Home in Lockdown

November 1, 2020

Top Tips on how to keep positive state of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wow how things have changed. I never imagined how much I’d miss my morning decaf latte and muffin, the commute and landing on my office desk that had been cleaned the night before. But as I sit in my home office, I must admit I’m feeling nostalgic. Lockdown sucks.

You found your daily routine monotonous too, right? And then just when you started to settle into the new norm things have taken another twist, the COVID-pandemic has not just affected the economy of the world but it threatens our freedom and livelihood too.

Indulging in all those take-out office lunches, after work drinks and ad-hoc conversations with my co-workers, has also become history. Then again, I need to pull myself together and remember I’m a glass half full type of gal and I need to switch from the negative to the positive because I can see some major benefits to my health, family life, well-being and bank balance (although the latter could change at any point). Plus, there are others suffering way more than I am. Humanity is amazing at adjusting to change, just look at all the positives to come out of using less fossil fuels. That is one of many examples.

With working from home now considered as the norm, let’s take a deep dive into how we can make it better and keep our cool.

Make Your Home Office Work

There is no perfect formula, everybody is different but making a few changes here and there can really add benefit to your working day. Make sure you have the right set up, simple tweaks like making sure your desk area is ergonomically designed will help your entire body function as it should. It could be the difference between closing down on time and working late. GearBest offers gadgets and electronics that are perfect for your home office, whether you are in need of a new keyboard, mouse or laptop stand. Check out the latest home office accessory GearBest promo codes and GearBest coupons.

Take A Break

Taking occasional breaks from working has proven to boost productivity. None of us want to be stuck in front of a screen non-stop for 8 hours a day. Looking after ourselves, staying healthy and fit is key right now. If you’re into your exercise and haven’t joined the mass exodus to grab a bike then I’d sure recommend Ribble Cycles. Check out the latest Ribble Cycle Promo codes and Ribble Cycles Coupons today. There’s nothing quite like fresh air and exercise to boost those endorphins and leave you ready for some time in front of your computer… Or, if a gentler exercise is your thing, take some time out to go for a walk. Walking is not only low impact, it’s also therapeutic and great for being present (just leave your phone behind).

Book a Vacation

We all need something to look forward to right now, right? Then why not book a vacation? You sure deserve it!

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Man with positive attitude

Trends towards positive thinking, awareness of one’s mind, body and health are exploding right now. Most of us have had time to think about how we can create a better future for ourselves, our family and all of humankind. Working from home gives you the flexibility to work in your own special environment. Embrace change and allow your new work culture, adapt to the new system of working and earning effectively.

Stay safe, stay well and stay positive.