Celebrate Pride Month in the land of the free

Celebrate Pride Month in the land of the free

June 22, 2021

In the land of the free, the county’s personal brand is all about freedom. Minorities come to learn that is something you earn. Pride’s overall theme is about freedom of loving whoever you want, the freedom that comes from self-expression, and the freedom that comes from equality for all.


Pride is an event that celebrates the complexities of being true to yourself. Pride has a long rich history in the United States from homosexuality being illegal to gay marriage being legal in all 50 states.

The first gay organization that was documented in the U.S was the “Society for Human Rights’ in 1924. The founder was a gay army veteran who fought in World War 1 who was inspired by a gay committee from Germany. We would start to see gay publications pop up as an underground society. In 1952, the American Psychiatric Association would list homosexuality as a mental illness. President Eisenhower signed an executive order that would ban gay individuals from federal jobs the following year.

One of the most famous gay rights movements was the Stonewall Riots. Secret bars and clubs were popular in New York would encourage members of the LGBTQ+ community to break laws and be their true selves without public presence that would risk their arrest. The New York City police would go and raid these bars and clubs. In 1969, the police came to the Stonewall Inn ut the queer community refused to be arrested, so they fought back the police for 5 days straight. A year later, New York City locals marched through the streets to celebrate the event and the progress it started which is recognized as the first pride march that we all know commercially now. Since this, we have seen progress in the queer community and continue to celebrate Pride every June.

How does pride and fashion correlate?

A core value of the queer community is freedom of expression. This means dressing like your most authentic self. Whoever you are, fashion has a place for you and how you express yourself. It is an artform after all.

Some of our favorite picks are from fashion brands that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Pair of Thieves pride collection proceeds support the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is a nonprofit organization that has a focus on suicide prevention among the queer youth community. Pair of Thieves is donating 50% of sales directly to The Trevor Project. Some of my favorite picks are their rainbow masks or their cushion crew socks.

Pair of Thieves Pride Socks

Another great brand that is focusing on celebrating Pride this month is Bluebella. All of their pride collection sales is donating 10% to Kaleidoscope Trust which is a charity that works with activists around the world to support human rights in the queer community.

Bluebella Pride collection

Their pride lingerie is a classy yet beautiful, colorful party. Also, all of their deliveries are carbon neutral which is great for our environment.

I hope that this month you all have a safe pride celebrating your most authentic self.




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